PiGrid Software

The All-In-One solution for earning Gridcoins and helping science.


PiGrid Software License Key

Price: €10 €19

  • PiGrid Software License Key
  • Installation File
  • Contribute To Science
  • Mining
  • Manage Your Funds
  • Free Updates
  • Raspberry Pi Model 2 or higher
  • Compatible Power Supply
  • microSD Card (Class 10) of minimum 32 GB (Gigabyte)
  • LAN Connection through Ethernet cable
  • External PC / Laptop to flash microSD Card and to gain
         access to your PiGrid interface

What is PiGrid?

Our PiGrid software was developed to enable easy access to the world of the virtual currency Gridcoin and the open-source research platform BOINC. It combines the features of a Gridcoin wallet and a BOINC client. As an all-in-one solution, it will take care of handling your cryptocurrency assets and at the same time enable you to participate in international research and distributed computing projects. Use our PiGrid Software on your Raspberry Pi to become a paid home-based researcher and cryptocurrency user. Please expect that the current release is a public alpha version that can be upgraded to a full version once available.


Manage your Funds

PiGrid serves as your Gridcoin wallet where you can keep your coins on a separate hardware. Particularly out of reach from 3rd party apps and viruses. It provides an overview of all your transactions and enables you to send and receive Gridcoins easily. An address book is included for convenience.


Get more Gridcoins simply by owning and staking your funds, or get further rewards by contributing to science. By staking your funds you help secure the network by generating new blocks on the blockchain and get paid with additional Gridcoins. A Pi consumes less power than a modern LED lightbulb.

Contribute to Science

Use PiGrid to support BOINC research projects to solve different issues in scientific research and become a paid contributor. Enable processing power for projects you want to support or let PiGrid automatically select the most rewarding projects for you.


The PiGrid software was developed to give you easier access to the world of Gridcoin and the research platform BOINC via a Raspberry Pi, without any complex configuration and installation procedures.

  • Easy to install on Raspberry Pi
  • Combines the feature of a Gridcoin wallet and a BOINC Client (all-in-one solution)
  • Setting up Gridcoin and BOINC will be done automatically (no syncing and configuration efforts or problems)
  • You join a mining pool automatically
  • Allows 24/7 staking
  • Allows 24/7 research
  • Due to regular updates and further development, PiGrid will expand its functionalities

How can I join?

To join the volunteer network of BOINC, to become a paid home-based researcher and a cryptocurrency user of Gridcoin, you can buy our software PiGrid for Raspberry Pi 2 or higher. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, you need to buy it. If you already have one and bought our software, you will receive an activation license key via email and an instruction manual for the setup. The activation License Key is needed to unlock your PiGrid device after you have installed the software on your Raspberry Pi.

What requirements do I need?

To install and use the PiGrid software as your Gridcoin wallet and BOINC client in one, the following is required:

To install PiGrid on your Raspberry Pi device you need to download the PiGrid software on your computer. Copy the PiGrid ISO image on a suitable microSD Card (Class 10) with a minimum of 32 GB (Gigabyte). Flash the microSD Card with an external device and insert the card into the microSD slot of your Raspberry Pi. The operating system Raspbian is already included in the PiGrid software. Connect your Raspberry Pi with internet with your Ethernet cable. By using a web browser on your external device (for example a Notebook) you can access and configure PiGrid. Finally, start participating as a home-based researcher and become a member of the cryptocurrency world.